Customer Engagement Marketing

A new age in Digital Marketing requires new resources

Manage your eMail and SMS campaigns to establish long-lasting and profitable relationships with your clients


Plan, create, send... Manage your eMail and SMS campaigns to establish profitable relationships with your clients

long-lasting relationships

Efficient management of your Digital Marketing campaign favours long-lasting relationships with your clients.

Computer Graphics Customer Engagement Marketing
Customer Engagement Marketing

Knowing what clients want and when, how, and where they want it are unavoidable requirements for new Marketing. Our platform is designed to improve the way you communicate with your clients, thus making it possible to answer the previous questions.

Planning, creating, sending, analysing, and managing your eMail and SMS Marketing campaigns will be easier and more efficient and will help you gain real Customer Engagement.


Why GMS?

GMS has more than 14 years of experience offering communication services and solutions.



Simplicity, flexibility, lead generation, analysis, capacity, support...



Get the highest performance for your campaigns with our platform.



Our submission platforms can connect and integrate with all kind of equipment and systems.



We help enrich your databases with full legal assurance.

SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing

Higher open rate, Click to Action, immediate impact: allows One to One communication with your clients.

eMail Marketing Management

eMail Marketing

Manage your databases, answers, leads, and schedules, and analyse your results in the easiest manner.

Voice Message Marketing

Voice Message

The first platform that sends a recorded message in call format that triggers upon pick-up.