SMS Marketing

Results right from the start

Higher open rate, Click to Action, immediate impact, One to One communication: an unbeatable tool


SMS Marketing has regained its prominence in the new digital age. It is a noise-free channel for your communications.

One to One

Higher open rate, Click to Action, immediate impact: create One to One communications with your clients.

Computer Graphics SMS Marketing
Improve your ROI:

CGMS HLR functionalities allow users to look for numbers in the database and the operator to check whether those numbers are working or not.

Landing page:

Connect your SMS with a landing page to gain contacts.

SMS Marketing

97% of SMS are opened within 2 minutes after their receipt, making SMS Marketing the most immediate communications channel.

From 2002 until today, SMS Marketing has passed through numerous stages, but it is in the digital change of today that it is starting a new revolution, thanks to its ability to promote and make client engagement easier through actions with short codes and Click to Action tactics.

While other means of instant communication have become social communication tools, SMS has evolved to become the most typical channel for instant communication in business, as it allows actions through bulk sending, as well as Point to Point SMS for eCommerce Confirmation, client loyalty creation, confirmation, alerts, etc.

New smartphone functionalities make possible combined text and image actions, improving the visibility and content of messages and boosting virality.


Why GMS?

GMS has more than 14 years of experience offering communication services and solutions.



Simplicity, flexibility, lead generation, analysis, capacity, support...



Get the highest performance for your campaigns with our platform.



Our submission platforms can connect and integrate with all kind of equipment and systems.



We help enrich your databases with full legal assurance.

Customer Engagement Marketing

Engagement Marketing

Plan, create, send... Manage your eMail and SMS campaigns to establish long-lasting and profitable relationships with your clients.

eMail Marketing Management

eMail Marketing

Manage your databases, answers, leads, and schedules, and analyse your results in the easiest manner.

Voice Message Marketing

Voice Message

The first platform that sends a recorded message in call format that triggers upon pick-up.